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By working with practitioners and their practices, Simplyhealth aims to support their professional judgment, empowering them to deliver the right treatment plans and high levels of care, allowing more of their patients to recover fully, and enabling their practices to flourish.

Why Register With Simplyhealth?
  • Display our literature to offer your patients a simple and flexible option for funding their treatment with you.
  • Patients with a Cashplan pay you up front, then reclaim from us quickly and easily. No clinical reporting, no capped rates and no pre-defined courses of treatment.
  • When developing our future products and services, we want to hear the views of our registered practitioners.
  • Get priority access to new services when they launch, including our forthcoming online Practitioner Community.
  • Registering is very simple and should only take a minute or two.

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Who Can Register?

We welcome any healthcare practitioner who is a member of an accredited professional regulatory body in the UK. See the registration form for the list of bodies we recognise.

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Simplyhealth and AXA PPP - Private medical insurance

On 1 August 2015 we completed the sale of our private medical insurance and self-funded health plan businesses to AXA PPP healthcare. As a result, Simplyhealth no longer uses an insurance-based model but specialises in our Cashplan model. As a healthcare professional, find out how the sale of our PMI business to AXA PPP might affect you.

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Simply Cash Plan - SimplyhealthHow does a Cash Plan help towards the cost of treatment, and how does it differ from private medical insurance?

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What Our Practitioners Are Telling Us
We want to give our patients what they need, at a price that's fair to us
Give the patient the opportunity to continue the treatment until it's fixed. Therefore they wouldn't have to come back ever again.
Private Medical Insurers pay you three months late